State Representative

Tram Nguyen

18th Essex District, MA

Linda Champion

Emerge-MA 2020 Cohort

“Helena has worked with me in a variety of political campaign and organizing roles - specifically, as a consultant, advisor, and trainer. Her approach in each role was one centered on thoughtfulness, detail, collaboration, and most importantly compassion. As a consultant and advisor she kept centering my values at the forefront as well as my identity as a New American, refugee, and woman of color. The political playbook is different for those with similar backgrounds to me and she took that into intentional consideration, whether that was with messaging, hiring staff, and pursuing endorsements. As a trainer, her foundational lens focuses on centering marginalized communities and people over expediency - the very core of progressive work."

“Helena gives more than she takes. I met her during a training. She was the trainer.  I thought to myself, here comes another presenter that will spend all of the time talking about themself, their plethora of accomplishments while going over their impressive resume.  Helena broke the mold.  She listened, she cared, she engaged and she set the expectation that you can co-exist in a room and not suck out all the air.  Helena is the voice I want at the table because she takes everyone at the table and lifts them higher.”

City Councilor

Samantha Perlman

Marlborough, MA

Nicole Eigbrett

Emerge-MA 2020 Cohort

“Helena is an intentional, proactive and extremely personable mentor. Her strong professionalism and communication throughout my candidacy enhanced our campaign strategy. She has a keen eye for fundraising, field and messaging advice that are a significant asset to any race.”

“Helena is a dynamic facilitator and trainer who brings honesty, warmth, and humor to the space. She immediately put all of our cohort at ease, while encouraging us to be brave and compassionate to ourselves and others. With her guidance, I think I experienced one of the most successful conversations around race, class, identity, and privilege - which can often be a challenge when it IS a room of people with widely diverging identities and backgrounds.”

Rebecca Santos Seetahal

Digital Strategist, Middle Seat Digital

“Helena is a powerhouse political organizer. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on the Board of two organizations as well as on political campaigns. She is talented and skilled at on-the-ground strategy and movement building. And is always laser-focused on her objectives. Her professionalism, charisma, and dedication makes her an asset to any team."

Melissa Hines

New Leaders Council - Boston

2018 Cohort

"Helena is a critical thinker and an empathetic leader. Without judgment, she creates an environment for everyone to learn. She can expertly guide teams through meaningful conversations about elevating underrepresented leaders within campaigns and other political spaces because of her hands-on policy and community organizing experience. Whenever I attend a workshop led by Helena, I know I am going to walk away, feeling empowered, and with actionable next steps to help advance change within my community."  

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